Vulnerability Assessment

​There are a large number of new vulnerabilities discovered daily, so it is important to perform regular network vulnerability scanning of your entire network to ensure your configurations are correctly configured and your security patches are unilaterally applied throughout your entire network. Industry best practices dictates network vulnerability assessments be conducted on a quarterly basis and anytime you make significant changes to your environment.

Commonly, a Vulnerability Assessment consists of an automated tool being utilized to scan and identify vulnerabilities on a network, and generally the end product is the raw scan results with a logo. That’s not good enough.

Automated tools routinely produce false positives, so CYBIEN manually validates identified vulnerabilities.  We also go a step further and provide data reduction and identify high level threats, so you can spend time correcting deficiencies, not making sense of hundreds of pages of raw output. We are confident our Vulnerability Assessments will rival or surpass the majority of Penetration Tests on the market.

Vulnerability Assessment Variations:

  • Internal Vulnerability Assessments on premises (On Site)
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessments remotely through use of VPN or a staging box. (Remote Internal)
  • External Vulnerability Assessments on your internet facing IP’s. (Remote External)
  • Continuous Security Vulnerability Assessments on any reoccurring basis

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