Protect Your Investment

Eliminate Uncertainty

Improve Efficiency

Manage Risk


Things have changed.

Traditional Information Technology Support is not enough to protect your organization’s sensitive data and reputation. 

CYBIEN merges expert Information Technology support with modern cybersecurity principles to keep your organization safe and running smoothly.


You’re leaving yourself vulnerable to cyberattacks if you think antivirus and firewalls are enough.

AI-powered cyberattacks are on the rise, and today’s attackers are more sophisticated and persistent than ever.

60% of Small Businesses will CLOSE within 6 months of a breach. Accenture’s Cybercrime study reveals that nearly 43% of cyber-attacks are on small businesses. Only 14% of accounted SMBs are prepared to face such an attack. Cyber Insurance companies are actively denying claims.

Take the stress of IT off your plate

Manage your risk

Spend your time doing what you do best

CYBIEN empowers SMBs to streamline their IT management and secure their business- improving operational efficiency and minimizing risk

Testing with real Business Impact

Uncover Gaps in your security posture

Respond to Threats

Expanded Team Services

If you are an SMB with a Big Business problem, let us help you with some of the seemingly out of reach, $300-$850+ per hour, expertise you need.

Due to our extensive networking reach, we are able to bring Enterprise Services to your table that other Managed Services Providers serving the SMB market can not. We have an extensive 1099 workforce with discounted pricing in place including:

  • VMware Architects
  • Red Hat Engineers
  • Additional Resources

Our experts are all prior military with DoD Security Clearances living in the USA ready to bring their extensive experience and skills to your organization.

Some of Who We Serve

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