Physical Operations

Proper physical security of any organization is paramount to the overall Information Security posture. Physical breaches may pose an even higher risk to computer systems than network intrusions, because physical access creates many additional opportunities for system exploitation. If a malicious entity has access to the sensitive areas of an organization, then the likelihood they gain access to sensitive information is much greater.

Our Physical Operations services are designed to determine the overall effectiveness of your organizations ability to prevent both outside physical and internal threats, such as trusted contractors,  from gaining access to sensitive systems and data.

Our Physical Security Assessment may include:

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering
  • Social Engineering
  • Badge Cloning
  • Lock Picking / Access Manipulation
  • Network Backdoor Access (Wi-Fi)
  • Data Exfiltration (Physical)
  • Compromise Surveillance Systems
  • Defeat Alarm Elements